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Stonebridge Life Insurance Reviews

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  • Health And Life Insurance Policy

    Purchase the policy in 1995 from the company known as J.C. Penny Life. this policy had been enforce for 13 years, I had no issues until I became very sick and was placed on some strong medicine, what I did was started paying my bills all over again. after the matter with the medicine was over I had gotten a lot of letters from the business letting me know they were going to credit my account or I would be receiving a check in the mail within 7 business days. this was almost 2 months later and yet Stonebridge Life had not sent me anything stating the same thing the others had. I called and... More...
    mahouser412's Picture   mahouser412    0 Comments   Comments
  • Horrible customer service

    Signed my husband up for the insurance and gave the financial company a check for the first months payment. The company debited my account. The first of December we found out my husband could go on my company insurance. Called Stonebridge to cancel and they said fine they would mail out a check. After a few weeks no check came. Numerous phone calls and we were told it was in the mail. Still a month + later still no money.. 10 days ago a representative said they would deposit the money into my account since I still had no check. 10 days is tomorrow and still no money. They are located... More...
    gaylee1957's Picture   gaylee1957    0 Comments   Comments
  • Accidental and Life Insurance Policies

    I obtained both policies through JC Penney over 30 years ago. Recently I have had to called or email StoneBridge Life Insurance Company to correct my billing statements. Each time I call a different Representative tells me he or she has made the adjustments to apply the correct payment to the correct policy. This has been going on for over 3 months now. I am beginning to think that once this company has received payments from long term customers/clients, they deliberately mishandle the payments hoping the customer/client would get frustrated enough and decide to cancel their policy.... More...
    LOT17OPALWAY's Picture   LOT17OPALWAY    0 Comments   Comments
  • Stonebridge offer with wrong name or age or birthday

    We received an offer of whole life for my wife from this company. The premium depends on age and sex according to the representative I spoke with on the phone. Problem is... the offer is made to her (age 57) for says she will turn 63 next month (I will). I couldn't get the representative to understand that the name was one person but the age and birth month were another person entirely. She asked me for the offer number. There was no offer number listed anywhere on the offer. She was very condescending and told me to "call back when you've read the document and have the... More...
    pharmdoc51's Picture   pharmdoc51    2 Comments   Comments
  • Stonebridge-JCP life insurance

    So, I called Stonebridge to cancel my automatic withdrawals and reached a person who could not find me in their system, regardless of what piece of information I gave her. I tried telling her that I was probably at another address, but she said she still should have been able to find me, but couldn't. So, I went digging through that pile of crap I have for shredding and found my policy number. I called back and was talking to a very condescending woman who could not pronounce my first name to save her life. I gave her my policy number and she rambled on about what a great policy I... More...
    Hagatha's Picture   Hagatha    1 Comments   Comments
  • No client loyality

    Having been an owner of 5 policies with JC Penneys Life Insurance, which converted to Stonebridge Life for over 30 years, I am dismayed at the recent treatment I received. Last December I was notified I had a overpayment on one policy and that the payment for the following month would be a lessor amount. Fine, paid it. Since I pay my bills by billpay from my bank, when I paid my premium the following month, the lessor $ amount came up, I paid it, didn't even register that it wasn't the right amount. Next month did the same, then it hit me, something was wrong, I did my research... More...
    Harris1102's Picture   Harris1102    1 Comments   Comments
  • Fraud/RIP OFF

    I had purchased their insurance protection for my capital one card. I was laid off back in late 2011. Of course before the holidays. But getting back to this fraud company that I trusted to help me pay out my monthly card. I called to get the paper information to start the process. I never got the paper work. About the 3 week I called for them to sent it again. I provided the company letter of the layoff with my unemployment. I called back another 4 wks later to get a status. They never received the information. I kept a copy of what I send and resend the information with another... More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
    AngryCust's Picture   AngryCust    2 Comments   Comments

    this has undoubtedly been the worst experience of my life . stonebridge insurance has thee , THEE , THEE worst customer service as far as functionality goes, as far a customer service goes, and RESPECT or the customers always right??? forget about that. i spend approx. 5 weeks trying to get them to pay a $35.oo fee i was charged due to THEIR own error, which was , i asked them to start billing me on the 1st of each month instead of in the middle of the month. Did they comply? NO. So, i waited until the 2nd month of it occuring , so as not to jump the gun, reasoning this by assuming that it... More...
    BEBI's Picture   BEBI    1 Comments   Comments
  • Poor Customer Service

    Stonebridge Life Insurance Company November 7, 2011 JC Penny Instant Winner Game 18 300 Eagleview Boulevard Exton, PA 19341 To Whom This May Concern: I received a post card in the mail for the instant winner of a $500 JC Penny gift card and call as instructed. I called 1-800-453-5595 and was greeted by a recording which identified the promotion on 10/31/11 around about 6:42pm (est.) and was placed on hold. After waiting about one minute, someone (a lady) answered the phone and ask me “who is this?” to which I responded, “I was holding for the JC Penny Gift... More...
    vmckever's Picture   vmckever    1 Comments   Comments
  • they dont know what they are doing

    I got the papers in the mail and signed up and found out they weren't right ihave another policy with someone else so I realized stonebridges papers don't even have all the right info. I called and asked them why didn't I get a paper to fill out about a beneficiary they acted like it was normal and told me if something happened to me they would track down a family member to give it to. Basically they knew they weren't paying but sent me a paper they probably made up. More...
    dawnb's Picture   dawnb    0 Comments   Comments
  • stonwall

    i had a policy for at least ten years .All of a sudden the had a problem with my credit card . WHen i asked them what it was they said to call my credit card company. THey said there was nothing wrong with my credit card . Stonebridge then sent me a reinstatement form. So i sent that in with full payment .they took my payment but did not reinstate me. when i called them the man on the phone said wow thats a good policy . and tried to sell me another one. I said all i wanted was the one i had for years. I know the stock market is bad so they are trying to dump my good policy by stonewalling... More...
    stonewalled's Picture   stonewalled    1 Comments   Comments
  • My Experience

    I love how people don't follow up on their complaints. There are 15 angry reviews regarding a company with millions of customers. I've worked for Stonebridge for a couple of years now and I've got a pretty good idea of what's going on in most of these cases. First I'll start with the rebates. There were a lot of rebate checks that were issued on a closed account and the exact same people got a new check about a week later. We paid any bank fees, so if you had to send a bank statement, it's just to prove that you were, in fact, charged. It cost the... More...
  • Insurance claim review

    Missing and poorly filed paperwork, paying insurance claims in the case of fraudulent signatures and change of beneficiary claims, having the witness to a change of beneficiary become the new beneficiary without forms being notarized or witnessed by any additional person, sending out papers stating 2 people were co-beneficiaries and then paying the entire claim to only one. Shall I continue because I can. The state's Attorney General will be hearing about all of these claims (along with paperwork to support accusations) so that hopefully Stonebridge Life Insurance Company, (and I... More...
  • What insurance do we have

    I mother open and account with the insurance years ago and was paying her bill throught Jcpenney. When her bill being to double and could not keep up with the charges. We discovered that some had open three more accounts. We called Jcpenney and they had nothing to say. The first lady stating that the insurance was to pay off bills if she lost her job and provided a number to contact Stonebridge. We call Stonebridge and was given two options one was to take a six month pay off or have them to listen to a tape. The account was open since 2009 and it is 2011. To agree on something like that is... More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
    noinsurance's Picture   noinsurance    0 Comments   Comments
  • Tele-Marketing

    On April 26 at 7:10pm, I received a call from a very rude Stonebridge tele-marketer. I told her that I was on the "State-wide Do-Not-Call" list and she immediately laughed and stated that because I was a JC Penney cardholder then I couldn't be on the "Do-Not-Call" list and she continued with her script. I told her that I wasn't interested and she said "let me finish." I told her that she was finished, I wasn't interested, and to put me on their "Do-Not-Call" list. She called me rude and stated, "If you wouldn't interupt... More...
    BMaryfield's Picture   BMaryfield    3 Comments   Comments
  • Fraud

    I contacted Stonebridge and listened to the representative. I then received an offer to make a purchase at JC Penny and submit the receipt to receive a $10 rebate. I did this and received a check which was returned as a closed account check. I would like reimbursed my money that this incident caused to be deducted from my account as well as the company to cease and desist doing this. In the state of MO, issuing a check on a closed account is a Felony offense. More...
    tlss's Picture   tlss    0 Comments   Comments
  • misleading advertising

    I received a card from Stonebridge offering $10.00 for calling their toll free number to learn about their services. I only had to shop at JCPenney's and send Stonebridge the receipt and I would receive a check for $10--I did that and I did receive the check which I put in my bank account. Today I received a notice from my bank saying that the check had been returned because the account the check was written on had been closed--I found this very deceiving and after this experience I will never deal with Stonebridge. More...
  • Misleading advertising

    I received a card in the mail offering $10.00 from Penney's just for calling Stonebridge's 800 number to learn about their services. All I had to do was make a purchase at JC Penney's and send the receipt to Stonebridge and I would receive a check for $10.00--well I sent them my receipt and I did recieve a check for $10.00 which I put in my bank account. Today I received a notice from my bank letting my know that the check from Stonebridge was returned because the account the check was written on had been closed. I'm sure JC Penney's would like to know how... More...
    pesmm488's Picture   pesmm488    0 Comments   Comments
  • Unauthorized debiting

    You say "companies monitor us and see your review". Apparently Stonebridge doesn't care about bad reviews, claiming "anyone can write anything they want". My mother is in a nursing home and is widowed. A policy she apparently had before 2003 was cancelled in 2003. Going through her bank statements, it is evident that Stonebridge either kept debiting her bank account for premiums, or started debiting the account again in 2004. Approximately $1300 has been withdrawn from her account. When confronted with this, the person on the phone couldn't even find her... More...
    nangin's Picture   nangin    3 Comments   Comments
  • Liar

    I have had two policies with them for a couple of years. I canceled my credit card and had them direct bill me. I always paid my bill on time yet they still called my home and harassed me saying your not current on your bill. I found this website and was surprised by the number of complaints. Well I just called them and the guy there denied that people complain and I had him read me off about my two policies well it seems as though what I am paying for and what I thought I had were two different things so I canceled..I feel much better..I hate being taken in.. More...
    santino's Picture   santino    0 Comments   Comments
  • No Notice Expired Policy

    My mother recently passed away at the age of 90. In 1982 my mother purchased a life insurance policy written by Stonebridge Life Insurance. She faithfully made the premium payments on a policy that would pay out $2,500 at the time of her death. I think she assumed this amount would cover her final expenses and perhaps it would have in 1982. My mother moved to an assisted living facility in 2002. In 2003 she changed the beneficiary on her life insurance policy written by Stonebridge Life. At some point in time Stonebridge Life informed my mother that the cash value of her policy... More...
    CareBaby's Picture   CareBaby    4 Comments   Comments
  • Perhaps an answer to some of your questions?

    I myself am only 20 years old and work as a Customer Management Representative, aka a telemarketer. I call on behalf of Discover and call cardmembers and enroll them into 2 month free trials of accidental death policies through Stonebridge. Perhaps a lot of the reason a lot of you are getting billed for insurance that you "unknowingly" signed up for is because a lot of people fail to actually hear everything we are saying. As a job requirement, we clearly have to make sure the customer realizes that they are enrolling into the policy and would then have to call the number in the... More...
    tgeorge's Picture   tgeorge    6 Comments   Comments
  • Scam

    My credit card was charged with an insurance premium out of the blue. I never ordered it not did I sign anything. It was a complete ripoff. When I called the company I was upset and told the customer service rep to just be honest and admit what they did. He got rude with me and told me to be honest about ordering it, which I never did. One of the sales people evidently just signed me up without authorization. Then the rep cancelled the policy and hung up on me. He didn't credit my account so I had to call back to get my account credited. I have shred my credit card and will... More...
    cherylroxanne's Picture   cherylroxanne    1 Comments   Comments
  • elderly scam

    my father had a capital one credit card that he got just for his personal use my mother was not on the account nor did she use the card. my father through capital one signed up with stonebridge insurance to cover this credit card should anything ever happen to him up to ten thousand dollars, he had about eighteen hundred dollars charged on it but on september 10 of 08 my father passed away, I sent capital one a death certificate and a copy of his statement showing where he had been paying for insurance to cover this card if anything happened to him, well my 79 year old mother, who just lost... More...
    sandyrinehart's Picture   sandyrinehart    1 Comments   Comments
  • Bad Business Practices by Stonebridge Life Insurance Company

    I want to let others know about bad business practices by Stonebridge Life Insurance Company. They fool the elderly about responsive service, but when it comes to paying what is rightfully owed, they drag their feet and in my case do not pay accidental death benefits. I lost my husband almost a year ago as a result of complications from an accidental fall three months later. After months of reviews, expensive documents, mail and emotional stress, Stonebridge rejected my claim because they did not see a direct cause between his fall and his death. Stonebridge did everything they... More...
    gtoe305's Picture   gtoe305    14 Comments   Comments

Stonebridge Life Insurance Reviews By Product

Stonebridge Life Insurance Comments

IndyGiGi says: (5 years ago)
STOP CALLING ME!!!!! I do not have life insurance through you, and I am on the DO NOT CALL LIST!!!!! What is wrong with you people?

marry123 says: (6 years ago)
In my point of view Stonebridge Life Insurance is good. I have Accident insurance. I take it before one year and i think it is nice.

Injury Lawyer

honeybelle65 says: (7 years ago)
My friend has had an accident policy with Stonebridge (thru JCPenney) for 15 years. Their policy states that if after 15 years with no defaults of payment you can cancel the policy and receive the total dollars of payments made. Good luck! We faxed initial information to cancel, followed up by two phone calls and still no check. Of course anybody who buys an accident policy is just wasting their money anyway, but my friend has a language disability and didn't even know what it covered. Nonetheless, we are getting the run around and guess we will have to get an attorney. They are not to be trusted. Also, she requested beneficiary forms for her life ins. policy and they haven't sent those either. She has forgotten whose names are on the form. HELP!!! I wouldn't trust this company for 2 seconds. And if I had a policy with them, I would cancel it and go with a reputable company.

jsaonfl2 says: (7 years ago)
A lot of the people that are complaining are not being honest.If people paid attention and read there policies when you received them they would see whats covered and whats not.A lot people blame others for their responsibilities instead of looking in the mirror.

debbieemmons says: (7 years ago)
after reading all these complaints don't know if I want to countine my policy with stonebrige life insurance company we have Accident insurance just started couple of months ago it sounds to good to be true I will give it time.

aboydston3 says: (7 years ago)
I was asked to name beneficaries on my insurance policy that none had been included when I have had this insurance for 15-17 years and I know at that time I had named beneficaries. ??????
What happened to that information I cannot imagine.
Mid January I received and immeiately filled out the form that was sent me, as requested. I would appreciate confirmation that this was received and is now recorded. My bemeficaries are my son and my daughter.
My policy number is:74LK2B9738
Thank you very much.
Audrey J. Boydston
6151 NE Circle View Dr.
Kansas City, MO 64118

kakielo7 says: (7 years ago)
In order for one to not be charged for insurance that you did not agree upon, you must call stonebridge to cancel the policy especially if you agreed to the 2 months of free coverage. At that time a method of payment is required should you decide to continue with the coverage. Correct? I'm researching this company to see if it is legit.

dick7 says: (7 years ago)


fangteeth says: (8 years ago)
I "purchased" Accident Insurance from JC Penney some years ago and have been paying my monthly premiums by way of Bank Transfer. I have been told, and need to verify, that the JC Penney policy is now covered by Stonebridge Life. Is that correct? Please advise

karenmeyer says: (8 years ago)
all I want to do is pay my premium on line can't find where to do it

mepleas says: (8 years ago)
Iwant to know if you leave a minor as a beneficiary can your love one still be buried with that policy.

juangolove54 says: (8 years ago)
This is not a complaint.
I would like to know if StonbridgeLifeInsurance has life insurance policy for people living with hiv syndrome.Please contact me at first by e-mail.
thank you very much and i look foward to hear from you.

usmike78 says: (8 years ago)
I have had the Encore Dental plan for one year. I decided to get a cleaning and tried to contact Stonebridge. The phone number on policy is no longer in use, and trying to contact them via email just gets an error response. There is something terribly wrong. I will cancell my policy but I sure hope they stop charging my charge card after I notify them. Keep you posted.

dcardani says: (9 years ago)
These people have been calling me with repeated automated telemarketing calls for the past month. They call several times a day, and if you pick up to tell them to take you off their list, there's an automated message which says that their representatives are all busy, so please call back later. AND THEY CALLED ME! WTF? This is a total scam.

rokits4 says: (9 years ago)
To whom it may concern:My wife and I were dropped by J.C.Penney after we both lost income.After both paying premiums for over 8to10 years we would like to turn our payments in for cash.When our policy was terminated this option that is offered as of 1/5/09 was not given to us.Respond if you would like us to consider doing business with you in the future. Sincerly RobertB.&MargaretM.Rice

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